Emerging Educational Technologies

Research and development in emerging educational technologies is a growing trend. One emerging technology in education that I favor in research is educational gaming apps. There was exponential growth in the past 10 years in educational technology with the use of learning games and apps. (Nelson, Fein, Doabler, Clarke, 2016). One particular gaming app that I proposed in online education was, What’s The Big Idea? (http://www.whatsthebigideagame.com/) – a company that built an educational and gaming application that was innovative, fun, creative, and a new strategy for expanding business corporate strategy.

Another emerging technology in education that I researched was online social learning. Social learning is an element generally lacking in online classrooms.  Online teachers who build social interactions into the digital classroom create multiple opportunities to enhance engagement and improve learning outcomes (Walsh, 2015). It is important that online educators incorporate social interactions into their lesson plans, assignments (Walsh, 2016), and online course designs. In addition to social learning, I was interested in the use of interactive tools used for interactive collaboration. Collaborators of the 2014 Gates Foundation report indicated that teachers want tools that support student collaboration and provide interactive experiences (Walsh, 2014). These types of tools are fun, engaging, and support 21st-century skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity (Walsh, 2014). Online social learning with interactive collaboration tools were two technologies that I recommend combining to enhance adult learning in online communities.


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